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WV National Semi-Finals  


robert harkness
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19/06/2019 2:20 am  

Fishermen, if you are interested in competing in the WV National Semi-Finals on Stonewall Jackson Lake, Roanoke WV September 14 - 15 please take note:

To be eligible you must be a member of a club in good standing with the WV Bass Federation and an active member of the TBF.

Each club can advance the top boater and top non-boater from the club. (no paper clubs)


Top 10% of each states event participation (participation includes last fall's divisional qualifier or this years buddy trail)

For more information on the tournament on the tournament you can go to bassfederation.com and select tournament schedules then select National Semi-Finals. You can also contact Robert Harkness @ 304-275-3125 or email bjharkness@suddenlink.net

Please email Robert Harkness (see above)  your name and whether or not you will be fishing as a boater or non-boater by July 21, 2019 so I can send the information to the TBF. (we must have an even number of boaters and non-boaters)

Please help by finding a boater and non-boater and sending the pair of names at one time. Once that has been completed you will be able to register and pay (boater $200 and non-boater $100) for the event on-line between July 29th - August 29th.


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