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April 7th WVBF Buddy Trail Tournament Rescheduled  


robert harkness
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08/05/2019 1:27 am  

The canceled April 7th Buddy trail Tournament at Summersville Lake has been rescheduled for June 16th at the Kanawha River, Nitro Ramp.

We did our best to reschedule this event at Summersville Lake but we could not obtain a permit other than Mother’s Day (that wasn’t going to happen!). If you have paid for Summersville and would like a refund, please e-mail me at bjharkness@suddenlink.net and I will get your refund in the mail. If you would like your Summerville entry to be moved to the Kanawha River, please e-mail and let me know. Thanks again for your understanding in this matter.


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