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2019 WVBF State Team  


robert harkness
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13/04/2019 3:15 pm  

Congratulations to the 2019 WVBF State team. Those, who are eligible, will be fishing the National Semi-Finals on Stonewall Jackson Lake on September 14 & 15.


Henry Chisolm, Ed Posey, Robert Harkness, Eric Straight, Kyle Estep, Tim Williams, Dave Carson and Matthew Summers.

Non- Boaters

Paul Isner, Wes Lester, Doug Wine, Bob McGee, Tony Keller, Cody Brooks, Robby Fleshman and Terry Holbert.

All communications will be via a group e-mail.
Please let me know whether you plan to fish this event, if so I will need your shirt size. Please email me at bjharkness@suddenlink.net. I also have discount programs from Lowrance and Minn-Kota for the team (limited codes that expire May 31 for Minn-Kota).


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