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Kanawha River C-and-P Ramp Still Idled by Construction Work
By Chris Lawrence
This sign tells the story of the C & P Ramp on the Kanawha River.
Anglers and tournament directors using the C-and-P Ramp in Charleston to fish the Kanawha River have had a frustrating spring. The area resembles more of a missile testing range than boating access as the city of Charleston upgrades sewer service in the area.

"We're upgrading the pumping station, which is that tower between the two retaining walls as you head down to the river." Says City of Charleston Sanitary Board Manager Kathy Darr. "We've also installed a new line across the river to tie into the city's main sewer line which lies in the middle of Kanawha Boulevard."

As a result of the work, anglers have had to settle for a launch from Saint Albans, South Charleston, or Daniel Boone. The property is owned by Verizon, formerly known as C-and-P, and is maintained under and agreement with the City of Charleston. While the construction work has been a hassle for boaters and fisherman, the alternative seems worse.

"I don't know if you've ever been there when we've had a back up and an overflow," says Darr, "But all of that sewage comes pouring right down that road and into the river. It made for a bad situation when people were trying to get their boats in and out of the water. The line was simply old and inadequate and needed to be replaced."

The timeline on repairs seems to be a moving target.

"We want to have it open by Regatta time for sure, which is Labor Day.

But if all goes according to plan we should have it open by the end of June."

Once complete, anglers will enjoy at least a few improvements in the area. The contract calls for an asphalt overlay of the access road and the ramp area. The city owned docks would also be reinstalled once the facility is reopened to boat traffic.
Kanawha River C & P Ramp Idled by Construction Work
Charleston upgrades sewer service in the area of the C & P Ramp on the Kanawha River