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Making sure your boat trailer is ready to roll come spring is one winter project the experts at ShoreLand'r Trailers advise all anglers to tackle.

Handy tips keep your boat trailer
ready to roll for next fishing season

If you own a boat, the winter months can be frustrating unless you live in the southern tier. There are only so many times the tackle box can be reorganized, and by now the TV fishing shows are all reruns.

One great winter project that only takes a weekend to complete is making sure your boat trailer is winterized so it’s ready to go next spring. Simple maintenance is usually all that’s required, and the experts at ShoreLand’r Trailers offer these simple, do-it-yourself tips.

  • Wheel Bearings - Inspect and lubricate the wheel bearings. This is one of the most important things to do. If your trailer has bearing protectors, which replace the hub’s dustcover with a grease fitting and reservoir, just pump new marine grease into the bearing until the spring-loaded piston is approximately 1/8" from its seated position. Otherwise, lubricating standard bearings requires that you jack up the trailer and remove the wheels and tire. Next, take off the dust cap and remove the cotter key and axle nut. The bearings can now be removed, cleaned and inspected for wear. Do the same for the bearing races inside the hub. To finish, pack the bearings with marine grease and reassemble.
  • Tires - While you’re working at road level, inspect the tire tread for excessive or uneven wear. If less than 1/4" of tread remains, it’s time to replace the tires. Take a look at the sidewalls to make sure there are no cracks or cuts. The last step is to check tire pressure. Inflate to the proper level, and don’t forget to check the spare.
  • Frame - Look for rust or cracks. A few rust spots are easy to fix. Sand down the area with sandpaper. Reprime the bare spots and repaint with several coats of spray paint. Your local dealer can supply paint. With a little patience, the end result will look like new. Cracks in the frame can be serious. Be sure to check with your dealer about proper repairs to be made and if they are under warranty.
  • Springs - Check for broken leaves. If you find any broken, take the trailer to a dealer for repair.
  • Bunks & Rollers - On older trailers, the carpeting around the bunks can become worn. A marine dealer can provide new cover material that’s easy to install with a staple gun. With the boat on the trailer, take a close look to make sure the bunks and rollers are properly adjusted. If you have trouble launching and retrieving your boat, misaligned bunks may be the cause.
  • Lights & Electrical - Hook up the trailer to your vehicle and make sure all the lights are working. Check the lenses for cracks and breaks and replace if necessary. Spray the connections with contact spray to keep the connectors clean and corrosion-free.
  • Winch & Straps - Lubricate the winch mechanism if required. Inspect the strap for wear and replace if necessary.

Once your trailer is winterized, forget about it until next spring. For more trailering tips, be sure to visit ShoreLand’r on the World Wide Web at

ShoreLand'r Trailer's new Utility Trailer can haul plenty of gear around town.

Utility trailers are popular once again

One irony of modern living is that with all the trucks and SUVs on the road today, Americans still don’t have enough room to haul their stuff. As a result, utility trailers are gaining in popularity.

According to the trailer experts at ShoreLand’r, one of the leading trailer manufacturers in the world, cars, pickups and SUVs just don’t have enough capacity to haul the toys and tools that come with urban living. These include lawn equipment, building/landscaping materials, motorcycles and even golf carts.

As a result, Americans are rediscovering utility trailers as the practical alternative for hauling oversized equipment. Small utility trailers have been around for years, but many are homemade or designed with specific tasks in mind. To better meet the needs of today’s consumer, ShoreLand’r designed a new single-axle Utility Trailer to be versatile enough to carry almost any cargo.

With a 1,400-lb. capacity, this all-steel trailer is tough enough to handle household or industrial equipment, and it’s easy to tow and to load. The deck is made of treated 5/8" finish-grade plywood and measures 52"x100", so there’s room to transport furniture, appliances or even materials for a backyard deck. Stake pockets along the frame accept 2"x4" uprights for side rails or provide convenient tie-down points.

To make sure that your cargo doesn’t get bounced around while enroute, a full axle and leaf-spring suspension make for smoother towing. There are molded fenders that are enclosed on the inside to protect your cargo from road debris. They also have built-in anti-skid step pads in front and back for convenient entry to the trailer.

One of the best features of the Utility Trailer is the rear gate/ramp that lets you drive an ATV, golf cart or riding lawnmower right onto the bed. When the ramp is up, it provides added security for your other cargo. The expanded-metal surface provides maximum traction when used as a ramp and minimum wind resistance while being towed.

Many utility trailers tend to ride “nose high” because the tongue and coupler sit lower than your bumper. ShoreLand’r solves this problem with an offset tongue for level towing on cars, pickups and SUVs.

For even greater versatility, ShoreLand’r offers accessories such as motorcycle channels with front-wheel chocks allowing two motorcycles to be safely transported. There is also a brake kit for hauling heavier loads, tongue jack for easy hitching and a spare tire bracket. All are designed to make towing and hauling safer and easier. Prices for the Utility Trailer start around $800.

ShoreLand’r has built more than 1 million trailers, and the same quality construction and materials found on its boat, PWC and snowmobile trailers are also found on the new Utility Trailer. They’re built to last a lifetime. For more information on the new Utility Trailer and for the location of the dealer nearest you, visit the ShoreLand’r Web site at