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The West Virginia Bass Federation (WVBF) is a state wide organization which formed and affiliated with the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society of Montgomery, Alabama in 1973. Presently, the WVBF has approximately 800 members in 64 clubs throughout the State of West Virginia. We are currently affiliated with The BASS Federation (TBF) as a shareholder. Initially, The WVBF was formed to stimulate public awareness of bass fishing as a major sport, to offer the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources our organized moral and political support and encouragement, to promote full adherence to all conservation codes and to demand adequate water standards and detect and report any polluter and call public and political attention to crime, to improve our skill as bass anglers through fellowship and friendly exchange of expert bass catching techniques and ideas, to promote and encourage youth fishing and love for this great recreation and to function as a dynamic and effective link with individual chapters and other federations embracing the principles and purposes of TBF.

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WV Bass Federation

THE BASS FEDERATION¬†MISSION: “Owned by those we serve, dedicated to growing the sport.”

Since 1972, the independent state Bass Federations have worked together to support the grassroots growth of fishing and the growth of the entire sport fishing/outdoors industry in their states. Simply put, the Federations do not work for any one organization in particular, although we do have several long-term relationships and partnerships in the industry.

The main focus of the Federation is to work for:

  1. Our members.
  2. The bass fishing industry as a whole.
  3. Youth: by establishing activities for them that foster their learning and skill levels pertaining to the sport of fishing.
  4. Conservation: by making additional funds available to the member states through our partners, sponsors and other avenues to assist with conservation projects.
  5. Fishing: by providing a means for our members to compete in a majority of the most prestigious tournaments in the world.
  6. Our mission is to grow the sport and support the industry. We are “about fishing.”


Anyone wanting to learn more about the West Virginia Bass Federation or information on how to join the Federation may contact the president of the Federation, Jody Green.

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